Hysys is among the most sought-after organizations in offering Audio Visual services to our clients. Our extensive services enable us to create stunning, immersive environments with advanced technology—from HD video projectors, screens, and monitors to large-scale LED systems, and recording


Hysys is a pioneer in delivering home films. A True home cinema takes you to an alternate environment. You become so immersed in the video you feel like you are essential for it. We provide the best home cinema experience at top-notch prices.


In-Home Automation, we help control lighting, entertainment systems, and appliances. Home Automation solutions also include security apps such as access control and alarm systems. When connected with the Internet of Things, home automation gateways provide a way for devices and appliances to be networked seamlessly to provide centralized control over all aspects of your connected smart homes.

Smart Class Rooms

Hysys is an ideal replacement for traditional writing boards in schools. We enable educators to convey concepts accurately and successfully, students to have fun learning, and parents to feel confident about their children's education. With uncommon help, we make and keep up with dependable associations with Schools.

PA & BGM Systems

PA/BGM system has turned into a fundamental component in any modern office. In the modern workplace, most offices require the best PA or BGM system because of the changing patterns in the workplace. It can likewise help office directors/security/ safety faculty to communicate instant messages to assigned zones and guide occupants. 

Surveillance Camera Systems

Hysys technologies are ready to assist you with upgrading your business with cloud video surveillance. It has further developed business tasks and security at different corporate workplaces and structures. Organizations have worked on quality control and decreased expenses in various areas by regularly routinely monitoring video surveillance.

Fire Safety & Protection Systems

Hysys has efficient fire safety Systems and security solutions to extinguish fires. We've isolated them by application regions to make it easier for you to find one that fits your requirements. We are currently ready to eliminate the fire hazard by allowing simultaneous admission to individuals into a fully protected structure with completely changed air inside.

Interior & Acoustics design

we design and build our systems to look and feel incredible, to always be human centric, with the very clever acoustics being built into the room’s construction. Every room is different. With a limitless colour palette, and almost limitless range of looks, materials and finishes, an Hysys build allows the entire team to realise their visions. You think design, we handle the acoustics. Simple.